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Our History

Once Upon A Tile.....


        Michael Pavarini is the great-grandson of Charles Pavarini Sr. founder of Pavarini Construction co. known for creating historic landmarks; Seagram Tower, The United Nations, The State Theater at Lincoln Center and many more landmark buildings throughout the world. 

        Charles Pavarini III , Michael’s uncle is the Founder & President of Pavarini Design Associates Inc. Charles has kept the legacy going over the last 40 years with his world-renowned innovative designs. Based in NYC Pavarini Design has shaped some of the designs we see today in Architectural Interiors recognized and awarded world-wide. Michael Pavarini, Founder & President of Once Upon A Tile, shows that there is nothing the 

Pavarini heirs can’t influence in landmark beauty. After a very successful 14-year career in Luxury Hotel’s, Michael followed his passion with the time- honored Italian tradition of Tile & Stone in 2016. 

         Working with local contractors Michael used the talents passed down to him starting as a boy, to blend the techniques of the Italian Masters with 

the 21st century’s technology & knowledge. Time-tested installation  techniques, backed with his passion for training & development, Michael is dedicated to helping make the newest designs and developments stand the test of time alongside his ancestor's historic structures.